Ravelry Rocks

OMG!!! I am so excited i have spent the last 4-6 hours on Ravelry checking out their free knitting patterns and i have downloaded a ton of patterns im going to try on the kindle. I am so ready to get my school money so I can go buy some yarn and needles to start some of these projects and yes i know im still working on two blankets, a headband, and a wash cloth but the wash cloth was for practice so i can either finish it or frog it and the headband is over half way there. The laptop cover is getting there and i Have 9″ on the green blanket only need like 27″ more and im sure if i start working on it i can get it done soon. It’s just finding the time to complete a project.


I got a new puppy its a yorkie weighs about 6lbs so i will be making him some cute sweaters soon.

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One thought on “Ravelry Rocks

  1. Just try not to think about how much knitting you could have done in that 4-6 hours. lol I always get a little depressed by that, though the awesome new patterns do help balance it all.

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