Hard to work

I know that it’s been a long while since I posted on here.I have had allot of illness in my family, allot of struggles with everyday life, and even a death in the family. I have been struggling with school, struggling with the kids I babysit for, and struggling emotionally to connect to my favorite crafting activities. My kids have all gotten sick at desperate times and so have I. I’m struggling to pull myself from the darkness that has enveloped me since I broke my arm. Things are difficult and I don’t know when it will get better. For a time there I thought I had it under control but apparently I was wrong. My mind can’t concentrate and I wander from thought to thought and struggle with getting our of bed every morning. I know the pattern and I’ve dealt with it before so I know that I can exit this eventually it’s all just a matter of time. I know it tag blew s time but I feel like I’m running out of time. I feel as if my time is growing short and fear it will be over before I feel better. I’m praying for the answer I need so I can return to my normal productive self. I feel like I have lost a very important part of me and I’m hunting around in the dark trying to find it with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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Latest projects

Lately I have been struggling with kids problems and stress problems that my seeing and knitting had been severely neglected. I’m keeping up with my orders and giveaway items but struggling to work beyond that.  My latest order completed was am order of 6 cloth dish cloths and 2 bleach cloths.  They came out great and were simple to put together. For a first time sewer these are something you can practice with and don’t take much material. The basic pattern is a 10″×10″ square sewn right sides facing then turned and top stitches for durability. They come out great and lady for years. You can use obv. cv. Or cotton Terry. I love three cotton Terry cause it feels more like a cloth than a soft rag.  Here are some pictures to check out.



They are also a great way to be creative and decorate on a simple budget but makes your kitchen or bath look like a million bucks.  You can also personalize them for baby showers or your little ones bath time.

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Bloomers are added to the shop

So recently I got in two orders for bloomers in satin and after some head aches and stress I finally got it down perfect. I’m sure there are adjustments too be made but I like the end result finally. Hers is a picture of the first order.

And here is a picture from the last order.

I think the last one was so much better than the first one.  Still may need some tinkering but all in all I love them. And the owners do to which is all that matters. These have been added to the shop and can now be purchased at punk rock twins.

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How to Make a Scarf Using the Box Stitch Pattern

Photo Credits: katyelliott

Photo Credits: katyelliott

While box-stitch has no set rules and you are at liberty to try your own version, there are standard procedures that even a novice can follow. It consists of a simple enough pattern: A four row routine that can easily be memorized and repeated.


Get your things together first. You would need preferably Rowan Kid Classic with length at 151 yards and weight at 50 grams. The materials used in the yarn should ideally be 4% nylon, 26% kid mohair and 70% lambswool. This will come to two balls. The color most liked is straw, but it is really up to you to select the color.


  • Needles should be US 9(%.5mm) or they may be as desired by you to match the gauge. Have two of them ready. You will also need a yarn needle or a crochet hook to weave the ends. A good pair of scissors should be at hand.


  • Gauge will have 18 stitches that stretch to 24 rows per 4 inch. Gauge is not a strict affair. You can always adjust it according to need and desire. The size you can expect to attain is 50 inches long and 6 inches wide.


Follow the pattern as below to get going.


Cast on 24 or 26 stitches.


  • Wrap Cast- On is probably the easiest to accomplish but you should keep in mind that it is not very easy to maintain the even tension that you had started with. At the same time, it consumes only less time. Socks and sweaters can be efficiently knitted because of its stretchy nature.


  • One more method is long tail cast-on. This is also a good way to create a stretchy and an even edge in stockings or ribbing.


This cast-on has it in it to get faster as you go by. In fact, it is faster than single cast-on. This method makes it easy to pick up stitches from.

Photo: tipjunkie

When you require to cast-on loosely (like when you are knitting turtle neck or sock cuffs), you can hold two needles so as to look they are one and go to work. This way, you can get a stretchy cast-on as you find them in a ribbing.It is safe to limit yourself to 12’’ for 20 stitches but you can be more generous if you are using bulky yarns. However, you are the best judge because only you know how to figure out the tension that is required.

Your row should be as follows:


  1. In row 1, you must follow the pattern of Knit 2, *purl 2, knit 2. You must repeat it from across.


  1. In row 2, there is a change. It is *Purl 2, knit 2, *purl 2 now. Repeat from across.


  1. In row 3, you may repeat what you did in row 2 and in row 4, repeat the same process as in row 1. Keep repeating the same pattern until you have your scarf measuring 50 inches ready in your hand. You can now bind off, cut the yarn and weave in ends.


Written By:

Jenny Corteza studied fashion styling for the infants in Europe. She blogs about various styles and brands of vestidos infantis and claims having an adoration for the color green on little girls and red on young boys.

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New Schedule for production

Ok so in order to keep myself in a good schedule for production Im posting this here so i will be held accountable for it and so here is my new schedule I will be sticking with strictly unless I’m sick.






This is my new schedule and Im going to stick with it Im going to start taking this business into the next step and getting all my ducks in a row. lol

If you have anything you would like made let me know so i can get it on my schedule.


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New product line baby head bands

So I finished a cute little headband fore a baby recently. It is to cute. Had jewels and pearls and shabby flowers.

I kinda took some patterns and mixed them together to o get this headband.

First you draw three circles on felt for the backing two small and one big,  connected to rack other so they sit closely together.  Then you cut out five circles for each of the circles on the felt so 15 pieces and you glue one piece flat for the bottom then fold each of the four pieces left for each flower in half the I in half again and glue them down with corners meeting in the center. One they are all glued down make sure you glue down the corner of the inside fold as well.  Then put some glue down on the center and glue your jewel on. One all three are done you get your elastic head band and sew the felt backing onto the head band making sure to stretch the head band so you get a good placement for when wearing it.  And there you go.  That is how I made a baby shabby headband.

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Current work orders

So recently I was commissioned to make a bloomers with ruffle butt and head band set for two separate ladies. I got one bloomer completed


And I got one head band completed

I’m working on the second bloomer this week and the other headband so I can get them shipped out soon. I’m loving the way these are turning out and I can’t wait to see the completed sets.

I’m also working on adding baby beanies to the store and pot holders along with the un-paper towels.

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Fixing Common Beginner Knitting Problems- Losing Stitches

photo: knittsings.com

photo: knittsings.com

Any new trade poses what look like a lot of insurmountable obstacles to a beginner even as he/she jeaoulsy wtinesses the dexterity with which an expert overcomes them. The novices always find themselves missing the wood for the trees. When they start, it goes smoothly but when a little progress is made, they find the area of their work getting narrower and more narrower. Wait a minute! Where had all the stitches gone? Well, you lost the stitches but let it not worry you. It is not difficult to fix the problem; unlike finding containers for hire in Auckland.

Find the Dropped Stitch

When you realize that you have dropped a stitch, you must find it and secure it. If you do not, your knitting until then will go haywire. Unraveling will start and you will have to start all over again. It is easy to find the dropped stitch when you spread out the stitches. If you scan the rows, you will be able to find the dropped catch.

Yarns and Needles

The yarn in your needle may be the reason for the missing stitches. Mohair is a find yarn; boucle and eyelash are fancier.The two vareities of the yarns are good for knitting two stitches together. If you find the problem recurring,here is the best solution: Change the yarn! Maybe you are reluctant tomake the change because you love the one you are knitting with. Make it a point to count the stitchs when you reach every second row. Knit as well as watch the stitches.We agree that fine yarns make fine hoseiry but a slightly thicker yarn makes for easy knitting. The finished good looks good as well.

Try Wooden Needles

photo: cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.com

photo: cornflowerbluestudio.blogspot.com

Missing stitch is result of dropped stitches; it happens even with experienced hands. It may happen when you do not see a stitch slide off; or, you had dropped what you were doing to answer the door. But, it could also be caused by a slick needle with a slippery yarn in it! The dropped stitches may start unraveling. If this happens frequently, you must try using some other kind of needle. Since metal or plastic needles are slippery, wooden needles are the best bet. You may also try bamboo needles.

The Procedure

Have a crochet hook ready by your side. The “ladder” that has been created due to missed stitches can be repaired by using this hook in a simple way. The unraveling must have stopped at the bottom of the ladder. You can find the stitch that hasn’t unraveled. Use the crocket hook to grab the unraveled stitch. Go up the next rung of the ladder and, through the stitch you had grabbed, pull it. You have another loop staring you in your face, don’t you? Go to the next rung and repeat the procedure. Keep doing it till reach the top. Now, with the needle, pop the stitch back. Do you see that you have fixed the problem? Easy, isn’t it?
This is the trick that fixes most knitting mistakes and which does not require you to unravel many knitted rows.

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Finishing up Christmas Gifts

So today I took some time out and finsihed up Christmas Gifts. I worked on my first plushy and made a pillow and some neck warmer rice paks. They work up quick and come out very nice and work awesomely for those stressed areas of the body. I have a few pictures of the Robot called Rob and some pictures of the other projects I accomplished today and a pattern to present to yall.



This is Rob the robot that I made for my nephew. Isnt he cute? I think Im going to sew a mouth on him or do some fabric pen work of a mouth.

Heres the pattern

Rice Pillow pack

you need
faquarter of fabric for front and back.
Sewing machine

cut a section about 17×10 out for two pieces.
Lay them face down and pin all the way around
start sewing being sure to back stitch at the beginning and end
Leave a section wide enough to pull the fabric pouch right side out and big enough to put the funnel in to pour in rice.
once sufficient amount of rice is added top stitch the opening closed using a mattress stitch.

TaDa admire your work.



This is the photos of the small and large rice paks that i put together. They measure roughly 16×9 for the large and 9×4 for the small.
Ps. If you wanna add oil scents to the rice simply put the rice in a bowl and add drops of the wcent your would like to the rice being sure to mix it up as you drop the scent. Best scent is Lavender since it helps with relaxation.

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